Our Story

If you have never heard of 80Noir Ultra then you are in for a treat! Not only do we provide premium quality, dark chocolate, we have removed the bitterness too! You can now enjoy a 79.3% dark chocolate which is rich, creamy, smooth and thoroughly delicious to drink or eat. 

Why have we done this? Simple. The biggest problem a lot of people have with consuming dark chocolate (even though they know it's good for us) is that it's too bitter. Instead they eat white or milk chocolate to satisfy their taste buds and end up with only a few (or even zero) mind and body benefits; more often than not feeling guilty and gluttonous. This perpetuates the story that most associate with chocolate - that it is bad for us, a guilty treat, an indulgence. 

Well not anymore! We have solved this problem and not only that, provided your perfect daily dose so you have enough to feel satisfied, satiated and reap the maximum amount of mind & body benefits from this humble bean. Leaving you only feeling happy, content, boosted and balanced.

Discover the benefits of dark chocolate

How is dark chocolate good for our wellbeing?

Cacao found in our dark chocolate and the phenolic compounds inside the cocoa can strengthen the defences of our immune system and up our body's resistance.


How is dark chocolate able to improve our fitness?

80Noir Ultra is packed with magnesium to aid muscle and nerve health, along with 98% of your potassium requirement, so it helps replenish lost electrolytes.


How can dark chocolate help mental health awareness?

Naturally occurring antioxidants in our chocolate trigger chemicals in our bodies to increase our serotonin, dopamine levels and our “bliss hormone”


80Noir Ultra is packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins

The cacao beans made to make 80noir Ultra dark chocolate have naturally occurring nutritional benefits (the cacao bean is one of the worlds best superfoods), as we try to maintain the structure of the cacao as best we can by not adding too many ingredients, we are maximising the amount of benefits derived from the bean. As such the naturally occurring antioxidants trigger chemicals in our bodies to increase our serotonin, dopamine levels and our “bliss hormone”. Which  aids relieving our stress, anxiety, assisting in reducing depression 4-fold, soothing our soul and improving our happiness. Which is one of our priorities when drinking / eating 80Noir Ultra.

Additionally, when added to your fitness routine, it makes you work harder for longer, with no energy dip, maintaining balance and a quick recovery process… and all in about 13-25g of chocolate. It really is the elixir to our positive balanced lifestyle!