Masked up

Masked up

With face coverings an essential item for all of us this year, No Emotions has created a range of vibrant silk masks to upgrade your collection. Made from the offcuts of our silk range, these zero-waste masks reflect our commitment to sustainability.

Having adjusted to mask-wearing over the past few months, we have probably all, at one time, been plagued by maskne - a term so popular it is now recognised by the British Skin foundation - or the claustrophobic feeling of a tight mask. So, we understand the value of finding a good one.

This is even more important now for those headed back to school or uni, where masks are compulsory at every stage of the day (from travel, to classes etc).

Our silk masks are the perfect solution, delivering on all accounts to make your skin less irritated and prone to breakouts. This is because silk, being so soft, creates less friction that other materials, helping to prevent clogged pores which cause spots, according to top dermatologist Dendy Engleman.

In fact, Howard Sobel, another high-ranking dermatologist, explains how silk is 'cooling and naturally hypoallergenic', so it doesn't contain any harsh properties that will anger skin. And, as the months get warmer, it will become even more vital to have a mask that is breathable (helping us to avoid that unfortunate 'sula’)!

Another added bonus is the element of style that one of our silk masks gives to your outfit. It is now the accessory equivalent to a pair of statement earrings, or a brightly coloured scarf. In khaki, navy, raspberry and orange, there's a shade for everyone and every look. Head to our website to order one today to keep your skin looking fresh and glowy.

And please do send in any pictures of you wearing them!